Terms Of Service & FAQ

Can I use your art?
Depends! You’re free to use my artwork for icons/avatars, backgrounds, headers, profiles, and so on– basically just for visual things! I appreciate a form of credit (like on Twitter, you can @astralplants in your bio.) However, please do not use commissioned art as this does not belong to me or you! Please do not also use my characters or characters I sold (unless you purchased them!) for any reason (like roleplay.)

What do you use to draw?
[Will update later!] I automatically turn to Clip Studio Paint, Blender, ProCreate, the Adobe Suite, ZBrush, and a few other programs. My traditional art preferences are too diverse for just one section.

Do you do requests or trades?
I do not do requests or free things, sorry! I may do trades, just ask! I may not always be available though, and please keep this in mind. Trades also take longer to finish as they get worked on between other things.

When do you open for commissions?
I don’t schedule commission openings, as my available time varies a lot. I announce openings through Twitter. Discord members get a heads up on them and Patreons have reserved (discounted!) slots of their own.
I usually open for commissions at least once a month, but this is not guaranteed. The amount of slots, type of commission, and style in which it is taken varies, and I prefer to block out my schedule for specific timeframes.
I work Monday-Saturday, excluding Wednesday (and Sunday), and in a looping order to keep myself productive. My clients are expected to keep tabs on my public feeds (i.e. Telegram channel & Discord) for overarching updates and are personally provided with individual work in progress pictures often, too.

I may be available for work outside of commission openings, mostly for larger project work. If you are interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me ( to see availability.


  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. Terms are subject to change.
  • I do work with minors on a case-by-case basis.
  • I can work with you through Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or Email. Please do not contact me about your commission in multiple places, I’d like to keep all information in one place.
  • You may contact me at any time on the status of your commission or place in the queue, or you may visit my Trello.
  • I do not accept deadlines.
  • I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission at any time. (See Payments & Refund on cancellations.)
  • I will not accept NSFW or suggestive character references.
  • You are encouraged to send mockups, mood boards, and other reference forms to further describe your ideas to me!


  • I work through PayPal and/or Stripe.
  • I only accept USD (United States Dollar).
  • Upon securing a slot, I will send you an invoice for the amount owed. It is requested that you pay within 48 hours.
    • Payment plans are still expected to have the first payment made within this timeframe.
  • For certain commissions, I may not send an invoice and instead send a link in its place.

Refunds & Payment Plans

  • I do not accept refunds on commissions if they are at least 50% completed. This means linework for the final product is down and approved. After that, the remaining percentage of work is refunded (e.g. on a commission that is 80% completed, 20% will be refunded.)
  • If the artwork is completed and sent to you, no refunds will be given.
  • If I feel like I may not be able to complete your commission for any reason, I will contact you about the situation as soon as possible and we can discuss a plan. This may mean bumping your commission to the next round or refunding in full. If we choose the refund option, the entire project will be reimbursed no matter the stage.
    • In the case of medical emergencies, you may not receive any messages privately. These usually are long-term problems with weeks of recovery, and it may take a bit of time for me to update everyone on what’s going on.
  • Payment plans are available for those who need them if the product quotes over $150 USD, and must be discussed before initial payment.
  • Each plan is unique and tailored to the client, however, there’s always a downpayment of at least 25% of the full price to secure the slot.


  • In every commission opening, I’ll provide a form for interested applicants. This will have all the required details included.
  • If you are selected for the slot, I will contact you! We’ll discuss criteria and go over everything, just to make sure everything is in line and solid.
  • I’ll send an invoice! Once payment has been received, I’ll send a few sketches for you to look at! I do not limit modifications, however, if the concepts go out of the original/intended concepts or stray too far, the price will change accordingly. For on-base or solid concepts, modifications that change the existing work will not be allowed.
  • I love to keep my clients in the loop when it comes to their commissions. I’ll send WIPs as often as I can, usually ending up being four or five during a sitting working period.
  • Please note that once a stage is finished, I will not be able to go back and make further edits (e.g. once the lining is finished I will not be able to edit the sketch.) Please make sure that you know what you would like and everything looks good during the stage you are at. Major stages will require checkpoints and I will not advance until you have given the ok.
  • Please be present during your commission slot! If there’s complete silence for ten days, I’ll place your commission on hold, and if a month, the commission will be considered void. Voided commissions, as well as those refunded, may be edited and resold.
  • We’ll work together for the entire process until your commission is finished! If it is a physical item, payment may be requested for shipping (though, usually, shipping is included in the initial payments), and I’ll ship your commission out / share the high-res image(s), as well as low-res, watermarked versions (if requested)!

Permissions & Usage

  • You may reupload your commission anywhere you would like, but please credit me where you can.
  • If you are NOT the owner of the commission, you may NOT reupload it.
  • I have the right to post commissions wherever I wish to and use them as examples for future commissions.
  • You may not claim the artwork as your own, modify, or otherwise edit my work. This includes paying others to edit my work.
  • When it comes to re-sales of the product or design, I request that it not be sold for more than the original commission price, unless it includes other paid-for items on top.

I will work with:

All animals of all kinds, including rare, bizarre, and uncommon animals. (even plants, viruses, etc)
All colors of all kinds, as well as markings
All genders, body types, styles, etc (such as trans characters)
SFW nudity – no genitalia visible
Suggestive themes

I may work with:

Blood / Gore / Body horror themes (realistic, candy gore, etc)
Weapons such as firearms, knives, nail bats, brass knuckles, swords, etc
Robots / Mechas
Humans / Humanoids
Feral / Quad

I will not work with:

NSFW / Suggestive / Sexual art
SFW Kink Art
Underage / Cub / Babyfur
Characters labeled with slurs (herm, cboy, dgirl, femboy, etc)
Drugs not labeled in the okay drug use section such as meth, heroin, fentanyl, etc
Offensive Art / Hateful Themes / Cultural Appropriation

Character Design FAQ

Can you do redesigns of current designs?
Yes, just include images of the design in the form when you submit it. However, I may be uncomfortable redesigning a character made by someone else. I would strongly prefer to redesign something you made – assuming you’re also okay with that!

Can you design _____?
Anything! I’ve designed things such as fantasy hybrids, rare and uncommon animals, prehistoric animals, even things like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and so on, as anthro before. I am prepared to tackle any prompt. A weirder prompt isn’t any less likely to be picked! I enjoy a challenge.

What about something like a robot or something mechanical, or even a plant?
Sure, I’ll try my best! There are no restrictions.

Can I send in multiple commission requests?
Yes, however, I will pick one per person due to high interest. The exceptions to this are if I have extra time and there’s a prompt I’m dying to work with.

If my prompt isn’t picked for a round, can I resubmit?
Absolutely, I normally get 5x the amount of responses of what I can take on (I try to limit myself anywhere between 10-30 slots, any more than that can be overwhelming). It is unlikely I didn’t pick yours because I didn’t like the prompt.

Can you design something inspired by a culture?
If you are interested in a design based on / inspired by your culture and you can provide me with information so that I can create something that is accurate and appreciative, yes! But I will not design culture based designs if it is not part of your culture. For example, I will not make Native/Indigenous inspired designs if you are not Native/Indigenous. This also includes spiritual beings, creatures, and so on, from cultures. (please note this does not count European folklore/mythical creatures.) If you want something based on your culture, simply let me know in your commission request.

Can you design this based on (other artist’s work or design)?
No, I WILL NOT base any design on another artist’s style, existing work, etc. Basing it off modern or classical art is fine. Such as making a design inspired by Keith Haring or Claude Monet’s art and style or anything like that, but not a fellow artist or character design without their permission.

Can you give me two versions of the design? (for example, one without an accessory, or with an added hairstyle, etc?)
Sure, at no extra cost. Just ask!

Can you add breasts/make it more chubby/etc to the base?
I can make pretty much any (reasonable) edits to the base, even if it means completely redoing the lines, as long as it follows the pose and general idea of the base. I can add breasts, change the body type slightly, etc.

Now that I own the design, what can I change about it?
You can change the design AS MUCH as you’d like. Species, markings, colors, gender, doesn’t matter, I’m happy with whatever you decide to do with them! Have fun!!