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[ Please remember that I work around school and disability. My usable hours are highly variable. ]

Mon-Friday: Eight hours, broken up (lunch break, after school; each day)

Sat: Twelve hours (all day, straight through; however may be broken due to other tasks)

Wed & Sun: Break days. Wednesdays are reserved for updating socials.

Please remember that while you’re free to submit a commission idea email at any time, there are few general commissions I will take outside of openings. I’m always looking to work with larger-scale projects, collaborations, work with companies, and freelance for my work.

Openings can be found on any social media. My Telegram channel will be most up to date.

Quick Information

Please read through my Terms Of Service (TOS) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before submitting a form. You can find those within this page.

I work exclusively through E-Mail, Discord, Telegram, Instagram DMs, or Twitter DMs. Please do not ask me to work anywhere else. This is because I cannot track notifications elsewhere, and I’d much rather not lose track of you and your commission.

Please don’t come to me for commissions unless you have at least a loose idea of what you want in mind. Please provide high quality and safe for work images; and if working with a specific subject matter, unshaded references are required.

All prices are in USD and must be paid through PayPal within 48 hours of the invoice being sent. Payment plans can be discussed for commissions over $150 USD, and should be brought up before the invoice is sent.

Due to disability, health, school, and generally just life, I do not and will not take deadlines. I will do my best to keep you updated through the entire process with multiple work-in-progress images (commonly referred to as WIPs). I often update my Discord commission update channel with day-to-day status when projects are worked on, and Trello is kept up to date on cards.

Full resolution images will be provided over Google Drive if the platform we’re communicating through does not support my file size.

I have worked with web design, marketing, interior design, mural work, film, illustration, animation, stop-motion & puppetry, costume design, engineering, 3D modeling, game development, branding, a variety of traditional artistry and craftwork including but not limited to painting, sculpture, and a lot more.

Catching openings & understanding them.

I work via opening commission slots on my media, most often Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. You are able to inquire at any time about availability, prices, or if I’d be able to work with a certain subject matter or composition.

The post will have a tag on the type of opening, some information on what the end product will be, expected turnaround time, slot amounts, examples, and potentially a form.

IF the opening includes a form, please fill out the information asked for accurately. Please do not skip this. It is the most important part, as this allows me to contact you. The same applies if you are submitting your own form.

If you get chosen from my applicants, I’ll contact you asking for final details, and then send an invoice. Please make sure you’re checking the place of contact often, or turn notifications on. I am somewhat a slow worker most of the time, however, I tend to ask for information both upfront and as I go. Your commission should be perfect for you.

On that note; once checkpoints are passed, I WILL NOT go back to edit them. Make sure that everything looks completely the way you want it to before approving. This means once I’m done lining, I’m done lining and the same with any other part. The only checkpoint I will possibly go back and edit for is after the sketch is approved, and we’re onto lining; there are quite a few times where something doesn’t look right in the linework that did for the sketch, and parts may need to be adjusted. Please do not hesitate to poke me if something is off or wrong.

If you’re interested in hiring me for commercial work such as branding, illustration, animation, 3d modeling, or other work, please email me! I’m happy to work with you within a slight change of my terms of service, (which can be found in the link below, the modifications residing in the footnotes and corresponding to asterisks) so that you may use the work commercially.

Types of openings

[PWYW] Pay what you want

  • PWYW (pay what you want) commissions are chosen by you and your budget or offer. Just make sure the offer is fair.
  • You can request a certain type of commission – a full scenery painting, fullbody colored art (of single or multiple characters), headshots, busts, reference sheets, or character designs, basically ANY commission type I have already offered you can offer for it this time, or for commission types I might not have done before!
  • Like– literally anything. This is the style of commission I PREFER to take on, as it allows a lot of variance on the client’s side. My base prices are just there to state what commonly asked prices are. I’ve worked with tattoo design, lining other artist’s work with permission from the artist, branding, merchandise design, sculpture, stop motion animation, puppet making for both general puppeteering and stop motion, game design, and much more. I’m always willing to learn and try new things.
  • You can also request multiple commissions under a single offer – for example, several headshots for an offer you feel is fair.
  • I will not accept any offers under $30 USD unless the request is for something unusually small (a messy character sketch, for example.)

[YCH] Your character here

  • Pre-made sketch scenes tailored to include your character, marked in the preview on where they’d be, by a white preset labeled “ych”. These are most often aesthetic inspired and have a theme that will translate into the final piece from the reference material.

[FS] Flatsales & [AU] Auctions & [FCFS] First come, first serve

  • Flatsales are flat priced, instead of having variance depending on factors.
  • Auctions are ladder-style, offer based auction listings, potentially with an outright buy (autobuy/AB.)
  • FCFS; as opposed to my more commonly taken “hey what catches my interest / fits the subject matter most”, FCFS slots are meant so that doesn’t matter. Anyone can grab them, not just the people that have ideas I’m dying to work on.

[A] Adopt and [D] Design

  • Adopts are pre-created characters that I’ve created, up for sale.
  • Design commissions are the same as adopts– however, you get to work with me on creating the design. Your perfect idea brought to life. Please note that my designs are ALWAYS on the more complex side. This may limit the amount of art you can get for them by other people.

[FL] Flash

  • Quick, flat price doodle slots with a quick turnaround time. Often YCH style, or have preset pose ideas that can be modified.