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Quick Information
  • please read through my terms of service (tos) and my frequently asked questions (faq) before submitting a quote or commissioning. both can be found in multiple locations, including at the top of this page within my header bar, in the above menu, inside the footer and at the bottom of this page.
  • i work exclusively through e-mails, discord, telegram or twitter dms. please do not ask me to work through somewhere else. this is because i am not able to provide hq images, wips, and lack of notifications.
  • please have at least a loose idea of what you have in mind when you commission me, and please provide high quality, safe for work, unshaded references! i will refund any commission that fails to meet this criteria. 
  • all prices are in usd and must be paid through paypal. i may allow payment plans if the price of the commission is over $150, but these must be settled during the quote phase.
  • due to disability, school, health and other reasons i am not able to take deadlines, however i will try to keep you as updated as i can during the process, and i’ll aim to keep a ballpark with the turnaround time.
  • i work via opening commission slots via twitter! when these are opened, it will either be a pre-selected idea in which you can build upon or claim, or a few limited slots for a submit-your-own-idea batch.
  • these will usually be over google forms, including information such as your legal name, social media handle(s), reference sheet, email, where you’d like to work with me (discord/twitter dm/telegram), commission type and a few other questions– all of which are required.
  • once i have a good number of applicants, or enough to fill the slots, i’ll go through the applications and send emails to those which i would like to work with the most! (meaning that by submitting a form does not guarantee a commission with me.) those who are emailed will receive exact quotes, ballpark turnaround time, and the process will start!
  • i occasionally open for flash commissions, as well– which are first come first serve quick-sale slots open to twitter users or people on my discord server! these do not require a quote or form, as they have a flat price, and have a 2-3 day turnaround on average.
  • i am an extreme advocate in the idea that the client gets a lot of say during their commission! i love to maintain contact and chat with my clients, please do not be nervous to reach out at any time.
custom work (YOUR IDEA)
  •  custom work pertains to specific slots in where you have a really cool idea that you’d like me to make for you! this includes any medium and any setting, the exception being that if i have to travel for your project or under a commercial setting / the work will be commercially used (in which that may be commissioned at any time, with different process and slight tos changes listed under the “hire me” section.)
  • the google form for custom work includes sections such as budget, references, inspiration, colour palettes (if needed), medium and other similar questions. this is for me to get a clear idea on what you’re looking for!
  • if i find that i both can do and would be willing to work with your idea, and think i’d be a good match to make your idea into a reality, i’ll email you with a quote for said project! i usually try to work within reasonable budgets as long as they remain within a rough ballpark of my backend logs. please note that i do keep a backend price sheet, though this is not available to the public at the moment (due to incompleteness), so low-balling or attempting to haggle my quotes will count as backing out of a slot. if you happen to not list a budget (i ask for digital commissions, prints, or certain traditional commissions to not do so, due to not needing to calculate excess costs on such) i will give a quote anyways, however blank ballparks may be placed on a waitlist as this may mean you are just looking for a quote / not sure if you’re set on working with me yet.
  • note: quotes given via google forms are valid for up to three months, and general quotes may be asked for at any time via any way to contact me (including misc social medias), and those quotes are accurate for up to two months. if you have a valid quote from me via an ask, and would like to commission for said work during an opening,  please screenshot including the date & your message and attach the image into the “pre-given quote” section within the form.
  • payment plans are available for those who need them if the quote is over $150, and must be discussed before initial payment– there will be a box to check within the google forms. you will have up to a week and a half (10 days) to submit the payment via an invoice, or else the commission will be considered voided and you will have to start the process again.
  • once payment has been received on my end, i’ll send you a few sketches for you to look at– i do not limit modifications, however if the concepts go out of the original idea or stray too far, i will have to reconsider the quote and may require additional payment to make up for time and other costs. 
  • on top of this, please note that once a stage is finished, i will not be able to go back and make further edits (in a digital idea, once the lining is finished i will not be able to edit the sketch.) please make sure that you know what you would like and everything looks good during the stage you are at. major stages will require checkpoints and i will not advance until you have given the ok. (if i do not hear back from you within ten days, the commission will be placed on hold. if i do not hear back from you within a month, the commission will be considered voided and the final product may be modified and resold.)
  • we’ll work together for the entire process until your commission is finished! if it is a physical item, payment may be requested for shipping (this will be made upfront during both slots as well as be a required option during the form stage), and i’ll ship your commission out / share the high-res image(s) as well as low-res watermarked versions (if requested)!
  •  specific openings will be announced on twitter with a base sketch and possibly a few examples. they will have a base price listed on the tweet, as well as a link to the form– which will be tailored specifically for the project!
  • you’ll submit an application, and if picked, delivered an accurate quote within the ballpark range provided via tweet or listed on the form!
  • i do not accept payment plans for specific openings as they’re usually smaller pieces, however certain openings may be eligible for payment plans. payment must be paid through paypal within a week and a half (10 days)– the commission will be considered voided if the invoice is not paid within this quota.
  • once payment is received, i’ll provide a sketch– in which you may request minor edits to! please note that once a checkpoint is passed, i will not be able to go back and edit previous stages (eg i will not be able to edit the sketch once it’s approved). specific stages may require approval, which is a fancy word for “i won’t advance until you’ve given the ok”. however, if i do not hear back from you within two weeks, the project may be placed on hold– and if i don’t hear back from you within a month, the commission will be considered voided.
  •  we’ll work together for the entire process until your commission is finished! if it is a physical item, payment will be requested for shipping (this will be made upfront and clear on both the opening and on the form), and i’ll ship your commission out / share the high res image(s) as well as low-res watermarked versions (if requested)!
  • quick & cheap doodles, in a nutshell– flash commissions are available for those on twitter and on my discord server, with the occasional opening elsewhere! these are usually stupidly cheap and will be finished quickly, often serving as warmups. because they can be extremely variable, commission instructions are usually listed on the posting.
Hire Me

If you’re interested in hiring me for physical work of any kind, and live within North Carolina or surrounding states, please e-mail me! I’m happy to work within your terms instead of my own, provided you supply a reasonable payment quote and timeframe. If you or the project area are far enough away from me to the point where it becomes an unreasonable drive, I may require or ask about hotel lodging and information on local material stores. 

I have worked with web design, marketing, interior design, mural work, film, illustration, animation, stop-motion & puppetry, costume design, engineering, 3D modeling, game development, branding, a variety of traditional artistry and craft work including but not limited to painting, sculpture, and a lot more.



If you’re interested in hiring me for commercial work such as branding, illustration, animation, 3d modeling or other digital work, please email me! I’m happy to work with you within a slight change of my terms of service, (which can be found in the link below, the modifications residing in the footnotes and corresponding to asteriks.)

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