Terms Of Service

You are required to read and agree to these terms of service in order to commission me. I am not responsible for the lack of doing so in any regard. If you do not read these terms, you are still required to uphold them. Please read over these terms every time you commission me in case there have been any changes. [Last edit: June 21st 2020]

I prioritize communication and service with my clients, and do my best so that you know what is going on. While I do not take deadlines for various reasons [disability, school, life, etc], I use a method of self-set tasks in which you can incrementally track my progress here [via trello], as well as sending WIPs [work in progress images] upon every stage & at request.

If there are any major delays with your commission or I am unable to continue working on it, I will reach out and we can settle on a plan of action, whether this be through a refund or a project hold.

To ensure you are happy with the end result, I will check in with WIPs and I may require complete improval before I continue. Please make sure there is everything 100% okay during these stages, as I will not go back and fix or change parts after these checkpoints are passed. Major changes at any point may incur extra charge in order to compensate for time and possible material.

Refund policy & Usage Rights:

Depending on how far a commission is through the completion process, I may offer different percents of refunds. Materials are never refundable. 

Due to Paypal’s new fees and TOS, I reserve the right to not refund the project entirely, as Paypal takes a portion of the funds upon refunds and is no longer accessible.

Everything on my website and social medias are protected by the DMCA, my own copyright as well as other protections. Obstructing either my rights or the given rights will result in legal action being taken.

Usage policy

Only I, as the artist, and the client [or current owner of the depicted character(s)] may use the artwork produced for them. Even if you did not commission the artwork, you are still required to follow these terms. It is against my policy to claim my work as your own, alter it, or in any way profit off of my work without a commercial licence provided by myself.

As the artist:

  • I reserve the right to deny any commission without providing reason.
  • I reserve the right to blacklist certain clients without providing public reason.
  • I reserve the right to change my TOS at any time, for any reason.
  • I reserve the right to post or publicize my artwork anywhere I choose to promote myself and/or my work.
As the client:
  •  You are allowed to post the artwork on any website for any reason as long as my tag(s) are visible and not modified or removed (or if so, credit is given). You may use my work for non-commercial purposes only unless previously agreed on (therefore obtaining a commercial licence from myself).
  • You may use the artwork non-commercially, such as using it on a website banner, business card, etc as long as I am credited. If it seems questionable, please ask.
  • You may have the full resolution copy.
  • You may crop and resize for icons, banners, and profile decoration, as long as proper credit is given if my tag(s) are removed. 
  • Use on physical goods as long as they are not being sold or otherwise redistributed, and my tag(s) are not removed.

You may not:

  • Sell my work in any way or use it commercially (i.e. on pins, merchandise & anything else to be sold). If agreed upon during the quote phase, you may obtain a commercial licence to use my work in this way. 
  • Claim my artwork as your own under any circumstance.
  • Remove my remove my tag(s) without permission.
  • Trace or “draw over” my work.
  • Take payment to edit on top of my work, or pay others to edit my work.
  • Include my work in any commercial products or non-profit redistribution unless you have a commercial licence.
  • Please provide me with the information I request as soon as you can.
  • You may contact me and talk to me about a commission over Discord, Telegram or Email. If we are conversing via Email, please do not start a new conversation or Email thread once you’ve contacted me to begin with. This is to make sure I am able to keep all of your information in one place.
  • I will not be able to change the character or project base if I have already passed the sketching process. Please note that any changes may incur extra charge.
  • I do not accept written descriptions of characters for anything other than design commissions.
  • I will retain all communication logs, forms and payment information for at least 180 days after an invoice is paid.
  • Payment must be through Paypal and paid upfront, through either Paypal invoices or Paypal.me.
  • You must be the legal holder of the paypal account used to pay. You may not use a friend’s or relative’s account to pay.
  • The customer will never be obligated to pay extra to cover Paypal’s fee.
  • I accept payment plans on a very minor basis. Please inquire about these in the quote phase to use a payment plan.
  • If you are dissatisfied with a commission, please tell me! I will do few or small edits for free. You have 24 hours to express dissatisfaction after the finished piece is sent.
  • Piece recreation is not an option. Changes should be discussed during the process, not after completion.
  • I offer manual refunds, so at no point should a chargeback be issued. Upon issuing a chargeback, the client should be able to provide some sort of negligent, neglect, loss of communication on my part regarding a manual refund. I keep dated logs of all communication between every client and myself. If using a chargeback to refund my refund policy, the client’s rights will be forfeited, the product may be resold or utilized in other ways as compensation, and the client is subject to a publick blacklist to warn fellow artists and freelancers of their chargeback and TOS breakage.

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