17 | he/they

you can call me: rhys– astralplants is my online handle, and id prefer not to be referred by it :3

i’m currently studying illustration and animation, i also love to learn about marine biology, coastal geography, and meteorology.

I focus on multimedia artwork, animation, worldbuilding, and design. As an artist, I love messing with mediums and boundaries. Mixing mediums and breaking into realms that are less common is something I avidly enjoy doing, as well as working with existing ideas in a new fashion. I’ve always been told that I can never stick inside the rubric, and instead must go out of the boundaries to find something interesting.

My goal with my work is to invoke emotion; specifically ones of wonder, nostalgia, and comfort, all while creating an air of mystery and unsettling queues. I’d label my work under the psycho-pop genre.

My entire life is based around art of some form. I’m passionate about a multitude of art forms, such as (eating) food, music composition specifically in electronic and EDM, nature, cosmetology, and science (specifically abstract and theoretical physics.) Generally, my special interests are far and wide, and I’m always looking to learn new things.

I open commissions by announcing them through my social media, specifically through Twitter. Patreons and Discord friends do get a heads up on timings, and Patreons have exclusive slots reserved in my queue.

Want to hire me? Contact me at sunkenspaceships@gmail.com.
I am interested in concept design, film & set, music labels, animation, and generally anything that poses a fun challenge.

 Steampunk & Cowboy & Victorian era (1820-1914)
 Fashion design, modeling
 3D modeling, game design
 Architecture, historical architecture
 Horror genre
 Gaming; specifically Tetris, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Pokémon, State Of Survival
 Toys, plushies, collectibles, costumes, fursuits